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Timken Alloy Steel Europe Ltd

The full length films about this company are too long to be viewed online but we hope to have some short extracts available soon.
We have been working on a project to record the history and industrial processes at Timken which closed in March 2007. We have had fantastic support and co-operation from the Company and we are compiling a collection of documentary material and photographs which will eventually be presented to the County Record Office. We have produced two films showing the working processes in both the hot mill and the cold reducing mill and warehouse. Several copies have been passed to the Company and they are very pleased with the results. These are available on a single DVD. Fully paid up members of the Society have received one free copy of the DVD. Extra copies can be purchased for £5.

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Part of the piercing process as tubes are made in the hot mill

Part of the piercing process as tubes were made in the
hot mill at Desford Tubes