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Also known as East Midlands Industrial Conferences, (EMIACS) Industrial Heritage Days are held throughout the East Midlands every six months and have been a notable success since 1970.
The next Heritage Day (EMIAC 92) hosted by North East Derbyshire Archaeology Society on May 6th 2017 is now FULLY BOOKED.


Redbanl pottery, Measham

Redbank Pottery, Measham

What are Industrial
Heritage days?

These Saturday all-day sessions, with
lectures and associated visits to important sites, are organised in turn
by the participating local Industrial History and Archaeology groups, who choose a venue within their area
and exploit its local potential. Many
LIHS members take part.
Refreshments and a buffet lunch are
...............Redbank Pottery, Measham










Castle Ashby, Northamptonshire
..Castle Ashby Northamptonshire




Which Societies belong to the EMIAC organisation?

Derbyshire Archaeological Society
East Midlands Branch of the Railway and Canal Historical Society
Leicestershire Industrial History Society
Northamptonshire Industrial Archaeological Group
The Society for Lincolnshire History and Archaeology
Most of these groups have their own websites which can be accessed through our links page.




Heritage day visit to G H Hursts  knitwear factory, Beeston

Industrial Heritage Day visit to G H Hurt, Knitwear manufacturers, Beeston