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Breedon on the hill quarry

Above and below: Breedon on the Hill Quarry

Breedon on the hill quarry

The following geological informaiton was kindly supplied by Keith Ambrose of the EAST MIDLANDS GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY

The quarries are in Dinantian limestones almost entirely dolomitised. The rocks dip steeply to the west and are locally folded and overturned in Breedon quarry. Three formations are represented: the Early Chadian Milldale Limestone; the Holkerian to Asbian Cloud Hill Dolostone Formation and the Brigantian Ticknall Limestone Formation. Major unconformities separate the formations. That between the Milldale Limestone and Cloud Hill Dolostone (about 10m years) saw a period of uplift and tilting which is well seen by differing dips in the two formations. The lower two formations are predmoninantly storm deposits and the carbonates are commonly separated by thin mudstone partings. The Ticknall Limestone is characterised by common emergent conditions with the development of palaeosols. In both quarries we can see massive mud-mound reefs. That in Breedon, in the Milldale Limestone, is assumed by analogy to Derbyshire, to be a Vaulsortian reef which formed in relatively deep water of around 250m depth. In Cloud Hill the reef is in the Cloud Hill Dolostone and formed a fringing reef to the carbonate platform, probably forming in water no greater than 100m depth. The rocks are fossiliferous and it is possible to see a variety including brachiopods, crinoids, corals and possibly ammonoids and nautiloids. One can also see evidence of mineralisation in the form of calcite and galena. The calcite commonly occurs in voids and caves that are best developed in Breedon quarry. Also of great interest is the Triassic unconformity that is well seen in both quarries. Mudstones, sandstones and breccias overlie the unconformity and both quarries show caves that have been infilled with Triassic sediments. The one in Breedon is particularly spectacular. A second phase of mineralisation is associated with the unconformity with mainly copper minerals occurring.

Cloud Hill quarry, LIHS member on viewing platform

Above and left: LIHS members on the viewing platform at 
Cloud Hill quarry

Cloud Hill quarry


Cloud hill quarry


Cloud hill quarry

Cloud Hill plant for mixing ingredients for coated road surfacing 

Breedon Quarry and
Cloud Hill Quarry,
11th July 2007

Members enjoyed a guided walk around the village of Breedon on the Hill and a visit to Cloud Hill Quarry. We also saw the Priory Church.
Both quarries are in the Dination limestones and are currently owned by Ennstone Johnston, a member of the Ennstone plc group. Ennstone Johnston operate from their Head Offices at Breedon Hall.
Breedon Quarry currently produces decorative aggregates, mainly sand. Cloud Hill Quarry produces various types of road surfacing material, premixed concrete and agricultural lime.
Breedon hall
Above: Breedon Hall.  Below: Breedon lockup

............Breedon on the hill village lockup

For more information follow the links below:

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LIHS members on the viewing platform at Cloud Hill quarry

CLoud Hill Quarry

Above and right: Cloud Hill quarry

Cloud hill quarry

Above and right: Cloud Hill quarry machinery conveying aggregate 
to the belts to be lifted to ground level.

Cloud hill quarry

Aggregate being lifted by belt to the ground level.